To Our Expectant Mama

You are the bravest woman I know. I haven’t even met you, but I know it’s true. You’re choosing what is in the best interest of your child, and there is nothing more courageous than that. Thank you so much for even considering us as a potential adoptive family. I want you to know that your child would be coming to a very stable and loving home, with two parents that will love that baby with all they have and a built in big sister who is ready to love on that little one.  We would be honored to be parents to your child, but we also want you to know our plan is to also love you well through this entire process. We want to honor and serve you however we can.

Regardless, we want you to know that you matter. You matter to us and you matter to God. You’re an important part of this story and while we will do everything we can to love and protect that baby, we will also do whatever we can to value the decision you made to see past the right now, think ahead to the future, and make the toughest decision to provide the best life for your child.


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