As most of you probably know, adoption can be extremely expensive. But we have been encouraged not to let finances in the way of the path God has chosen to grow our family and so we aren’t! We are surrounded by some of the greatest people on the planet. People have been there from day one on our infertility journey and people who have stepped in later in our season, but they’re the most important people to us.

Support can look different to different people, so we would first of course ask for prayers. Prayers that the Lord continues to lead and guide. Prayers for our future little one. Prayers for the little one we already have that we can transition as easily as possible into a family of four (or more).

If you feel so inclined to support us financially, you can give at the link below:


We are also fundraising by selling t-shirts!The price is $20, but if you feel led, you may make a donation on top of that price. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, please fill out this Google form so we can have them ordered by end of November! There will be a link at the bottom of the form to pay for your shirt via Cash App.