Our story

We met through a mutual friend in the fall of 2011 and quickly knew this was it for us. We got engaged in April of 2012 and married that same October.

We made the decision to start trying for our own family in 2013, but after nearly a year of trying, we knew something was wrong. I (Carmen) was diagnosed with PCOS and placed on medications to try to help regulate my body and hormones. After another several months to balance things out, we then took a medication to force my body to ovulate and we were able to conceive our precious little miracle baby Charlotte.

Since we knew we wanted her to have siblings but it would take us a while, we started trying again around her first birthday. In September, we found out we were pregnant without medical intervention! We were so thrilled and could not believe how the Lord was showing off. Unfortunately, however, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 11 weeks. It was an emotionally brutal thing to process and walk through, but thankfully we had so many great friends with us in that tragedy.

We began trying again in January 2017 with medicine and observed cycles to no avail. In January of 2018, we decided to get more aggressive and try IUI. We went through three agonizing cycles of that, all of which failed.We began really asking the Lord what he wanted in this and if growing our family didn’t include any more biological children, we were beginning to settle in to that. It was a hard decision to move forward, but the Lord has been so faithful in every single step we have taken so far and we are so new to this journey!

Infertility has made our marriage harder, yet somehow better. It has added a new level of stress to our parenting, yet somehow eased it. It has made me a better wife and mom and has made Jordan a better father and husband. We are not taking for granted the beautiful gift we have in Charlotte; we are just more than certain the Lord has called us to be parents to many more!