About Jordan


Jordan is an only child born to two very loving parents. He had a stable childhood until the age of 18, when he entered college and his parents divorced. He has always been incredibly driven and graduated with a biology pre-med degree and entered into a career of medical sales right out of college.

PERSONALITY (Written by Carmen)

Witty, generous, intelligent, loving, compassionate, optimistic. I could never find enough adjectives to describe my Jordan. His humor draws you in, but his giant heart keeps you around. Not only is he intelligent, but he’s wise. He is always seeking to grow and learn from those around him. He places value in his higher calling and when he loves, he loves hard.  He wants to take what is broken around him and fix it. He wants to give a voice to the voiceless, help to the hurting, and love to the unloved. He does not keep record of wrongs and he is almost always first to say he’s sorry.

Throughout the years we have been together, I have seen him go from bachelor to family man in a seamless transition. His daddy heart came on the day we found out we were pregnant. We learned and navigated together how to go from married couple with no kids to a family. He led the charge with courage and steadfastness. I adore the man that he was, but even more so adore the man he’s becoming. I know he’s supposed to be a daddy to multiple kids so that he can be a visible example on earth of what it’s like to be loved by our Heavenly Father.


Jordan worked as an orthopedic implant sales representative for five years, then stepped out of that career in 2014 to enter in to ministry and in 2017 became a campus pastor at our local church, NewSpring Church.