About Charlotte

Charlotte Grace was born on May 20th, 2015. She entered this world 5 weeks early and captivated us from the first second she arrived.

As she’s grown up, her personality is blossoming into something beautiful. I’ve never known a three year old with the level of joy, compassion, and kindness that this girl has. While it may seem she’s a daddy’s girl, she also has a really strong bond with her mama.

She’s insanely smart, has an incredible memory, and is able to learn and pick up things super quick. She’s a great eater, a great sleeper, and her demeanor brings peace to others and she’s a light to all those around her. She’s an extrovert at her core, but she also loves to play alone or read quietly to herself.

Before bed every night, her daddy gently picks her up and reminds her that she is a Smith and that she is strong and brave. He tells her that she is a good daughter, that he’s so pleased with her, that she’s so beautiful – hopefully instilling those thoughts and values into her at a young age so as she grows up, she’s secure and confident.

She is going to be a phenomenal big sister, as nurturing is at the core of who she is and we are so grateful the Lord chose us to be her mama and daddy.