About Carmen


Carmen’s was raised by an abusive grandmother from birth, since her father was gone before she was born and her mother was in prison. Her grandmother gave up custody of Carmen at 16 and she was placed in a girls shelter. She was adopted shortly after her 17th birthday and three months later, was “unadopted” and returned to the girls shelter again. She was fostered in a family until her 18th birthday.

Having no family didn’t stop her drive to have a career for herself. She attended college and got a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She found and connected with her biological siblings in her early 20s and they are now able to be a part of Carmen, Jordan, and Charlotte’s life.

PERSONALITY (Written by Jordan)

I can tell you SO many things about Carmen. I can tell you that she is literally the funniest person I’ve ever met in my entire life and that the majority of tears shed in our home are the laugh-until-you-cry kind. I can tell you that her life experiences and her relationship with Jesus have developed her into a bit of a walking dichotomy: strong-willed but also so very selfless; extremely introverted but never afraid to speak the truth in love to someone who needs to hear it; a heart for justice but the most grace-filled person I know. I can tell you how amazing she is as a wife and how me being married to her has made me a better husband, father, pastor, friend, man, and human being.

I can tell you so much about Carmen, but the most important thing I can tell you is this: Carmen is a mother. A really, REALLY good mother. It’s her primary calling in life. It’s become so evident to me over the past few years of our marriage – as I sat on our bed in 2013 and heard her talk about how she was ready for a baby; as I stood at her side while she gave birth to our daughter and got to see the look in her eyes the first time she saw Charlotte; as I held her as she cried in the wake of finding out we had lost our second child to a miscarriage; as I rode beside her for hours on our way to and from our fertility doctor as we tried over and over and over again to get pregnant with another baby; as I looked in her eyes the weekend we decided to pursue adoption. Carmen Smith was MADE to be a mama. She is most fulfilled when she’s being a mother to Charlotte – and she’s so good at it that Charlotte is most fulfilled then too. I can’t wait to see her as a mama to more!


Carmen is currently a stay at home mama and freelance transcriptionist. Prior to that, she worked for a software company doing product research. She also runs their home renovation blog, Gross To Grandiose.